How to Register

To be considered for any of our projects please complete the information required below, and provide at least one recent photo. Keep the photo simple - no sunglasses or fancy angles. We need to see you clearly. Once you save your profile with a password you can login anytime to edit or apply for projects. We will let you know of opportunities through email or our Casting by Maggie facebook page.


HOW TO REGISTER & LOGIN: Once you register you will recieve and email with your user name and password. Return to and login with this information. Once logged in, you can edit your information, add or remove photos, or apply for jobs.   Occasionally a photo will upload with the incorrect orientation.We will correct that on this end within 48 hours. 


HOW TO REGISTER MULTIPLE PEOPLE WITH ONE EMAIL : If you wish to enter multiple people (ie your children, or people you represent ) under 1 email address,  register the first person then login in and under your profile click Manage Talent . There you can add additional people under the same email address. 


BIRTHDATES: Some people have questioned why we ask for your birthday : We ask for your birthday as a way to sort – for example if we are asked to find a character that is early 40’s we would sort for anyone mid 30s to mid 40s and contact people in that age range. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE AN AGE  YOU WILL NOT SHOW UP IN THE SORTING PROCESS TO FIND OUT ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES.  You are free to apply for any role that we post if you feel you can play that age.  For those over 18 – we feel your real age is best but put in whatever age you feel best represents you – we don’t check.  For people under 18 we need your exact age for labour laws, and union requirements regarding chaperones.   


TERMS & CONDITIONS  - Please note: When you register you are added to a database of people interested in modeling, auditioning, or background work in NL. The information in this database may be shared with producers, directors and production houses that we work with. Please check the box at the bottom of the page to acknowledge that you understand.  The starred content must be completed for the register to upload. 

Please accept Terms & Conditions by checking checkbox at the end of form.

Visibly Diverse

(Why are we asking ? We are often asked to have more diversity in our casting options. Occasionally we may be asked to recruit people of a specific background - for example if we have a Japanese actor and we are creating a family for her, we would look for other Japanese actors. And for some shows, such as Frontier, we recruit people descended from communities represented in our story.)


This section should only be filled out for adults - or when children have landed a role.
If you do land a role wardrobe may ask you to complete the following. Please use a measuring tape

For this section enter all the wonderful things we need to know about you - can you play an instrument, speak another language, play a sport, or an unusual game ( we have been asked to look for soccer, hockey, & rugby players, people who play Mahjong, who know how to play blackjack or dice , bike riders, skateboarders, swimmers, who know how to shoot guns , use swords or blacksmith, people who do parkour, people who knit, gymnasts, or have a really well trained dog or a snake. Those crazy writers thinking up all those interesting characters!)