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    CASTING CALL THE DEATH OF WINTER (RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award) is casting! The MJ Award is a program of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. Writer, Director, Producer: Latonia Hartery Executive Producer: Deanne Foley Story Logline: In 1830s Newfoundland, an adulteress, Catherine, is on trial for the murder of her husband John. While innocent of the homicide, she is sentenced to hang for having the affair. Project Details: Project: Short Film ACTRA AIP agreement Shooting Location: St. John's and Surrounding Area. Production Company: LJH Films Inc. Casting Director: Casting by Maggie/Latonia Hartery Shoot Dates: June 27th-29th. (TBC) Audition Dates: *** UPDATED _ The audition date will now be : May 26th, 10 am to 6 pm .(Each audition will be given a time within this window) ** - You must be ACTRA to apply for an audition slot on the 15th or 16th of May - the slots will open to the general public on May 17th Auditions To be considered for an audition please register or login to and apply for the roles you are interested in. ACTRA members will be considered first for all audition spots. Only those being considered will be contacted. ACTRA members who do not wish to register with Casting by Maggie can forward their headshots, measurements and resumes to Note: While there is no nudity in the script, there is a love scene which involves Tobias kissing Catherine’s neck, and touching her leg.

ROLE 1: (Constable Slade [20s, 30s] ) He is a young, fresh-faced constable who is impressionable and jumps to conclusions.

ROLE 2: (Catherine [40s] ) She is a woman with nerve, and boldly strays from that which is considered respectable and proper in the 1830s. She is married to John.

ROLE 3: (Tobias [25-35] ) A warm, yet devilish, young man who cannot hold on to his courage, when it is tested. He is Catherine’s love interest.

ROLE 4: (Judge Boulton [60s-70s] ) A hard-lined judge who believes there is no grey area when it comes to the rule of law.

ROLE 5: (Amelia [10-12] ) She is a fair haired, blue-eyed child, who symbolizes innocence. She is Catherine’s daughter.

ROLE 6: (John [40s - 50s] ) A stern, and successful, planter who always fights to defend what is his. He is Catherine’s husband.