• Job Type :
    Film (Feature)
  • Location :
    NE Avalon
  • Closing Date :
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  • Description :
    OUTSIDE DATES – MARCH 2- 27, 2024
    Writer – Justin Oakey
    Director – Justin Oakey
    Casting Director – Maggie Keiley – Casting by Maggie
    ROLES - 8 roles as indicated below
    To APPLY - login or register please go to Casting by Maggie www.castingbymaggie.com and apply through the POSTING tab. Those considered for an audition will be contacted before Feb 10th .

ROLE 1: (Leonard: Principal Male 50s - 60s, ) a weathered bayman who is sincere and tough from a lifetime of living season to season. He intends to get a berth on the boat, but does not want to cause trouble

ROLE 2: (Gambler Principal Male 30- 60 ) - The gambler is sincere, he is not a criminal, or dark, or bad – he’s just gambling with the other bys. He is rough around the edges, and takes no nonsense from Donovan when he gets out of hand.

ROLE 3: (Miri/Maria ) Actor Female 25- 35 Light eyes and hair, slim build, to match lead cast as her sister. No on-screen dialogue, but it does have an emotional moment where she wanders through the apartment wondering what happened and finds the note. ** Need current photo

ROLE 4: (Caretaker – Actor Female 40s/50s, ) sweet woman who runs the B&B. A bit frail, caring, gentle and polite, to contrast against the harshness of the other characters.

ROLE 5: (Father: Actor Male 25-40 ish ) Casting to match lead in flashback sequence- Reddish thick beard, auburn hair, blue eyes 6’+ fit ** Need current photo. If you do not currently have a beard you can still apply BUT we would need a recent photo if you with 1 month’s beard growth

ROLE 6: (Actor Female 5 – 6 years old ) to match lead in flashback sequence – Fair, thin with straight fair hair & light eyes. ** Need current photo

ROLE 7: (Fellas/Deckhands : Actors/ BG Male 25-40, ) Fishermen types, hardened and a bit worn, appear on the docks and in the gambling den.

ROLE 8: (Kelly: Principal Female 30-40 ) hardened but still feminine. She’s a bay girl and grew up on the water with her extremely volatile brother Donovan (cast). –Someone who can play the soft and the tough. Smart she is the anchor of this team.